Multiple Lights

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Tyler and I were talking the other day about taking a portrait picture of him for all his professional profiles online (LinkedIn, MSN, his work internal network, etc). Since he works for Allnorth we decided that a basic portrait with green background would look best (Allnorth’s logo colour is a similar green to the background we used).  So we picked a day that would work and setup a bunch of flashes in front of a green background; two soft boxes, two rim lights, and one background light later we got these shots:

Here’s another shot that’s a bit more serious:

If we were to do these kinds of shots again, I would definitely change the framing of the picture to be able to be cropped to a square picture. A bunch of online services require the picture to be completely square (which is rather annoying). The way that we shot these photos, for us to crop them square would mean to cut off the Allnorth logo on his t-shirt and make the picture be his head and neck only….which is not ideal and gets you a little too up-close-and-personal with Tyler.