Photoshoot :: Success!

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I had a totally awesome day taking pictures on Saturday! There were 3 groups that ended up cancelling on me for the day, but I ended up filling the spots with family and still had a pretty busy day. AND, when the day was over…I raised $470 to help pay for my trip to Africa.

For costs, here is what I’ve paid for so far in order to prepare for Africa:

1. Sleeping bag – bug repellent in the stuffing, special liner for keeping cool in hot climates: $62
2. Water treatment drops: $28
3. Vaccinations – six shots: Hep A&B, Polio, Yellow Fever, Meningitis, Typhoid, Tetanus: $535
4. Flights – I used 8400 airmiles, but still had to pay $1128 for the PG to Vancouver flights (~$415) and taxes on the airmiles flights (~$712).

I have had many many other expenses that are related to the trip, but they are requirements for me to have the right gear to shoot a documentary when I’m there (for NUDF) and also continue running my business during the month that I’m gone. As a side note, NUDF are not paying me to do the documentary, but will be covering some of my expenses while I’m in Uganda. I might elaborate a bit more about all those expenses in a later post; there’s actually a lot of things to consider when you are taking lots of expensive camera gear to Africa!

Anyways, below are some of my favourite shots from Saturday. If you are interested in booking a session, fire me an email andrew (at) bigpicphoto (dot) com.