The disco and some pictures

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I have a short movie clip that I took while we were at the disco the other night (Tony really wanted to go…and I actually had a good time). We were out really late (4am), but it was a pretty good time.
Here’s a link to the video:

Next, I have some pictures from the last couple days.
#1 Me standing next to a maple tree that was planted in Pflochsbach last year when I was here with 20 other Canadians for World Youth Day.
#2 Julie’s dad pouring me a beer for a BBQ we were having that afternoon. Pretty good stuff.
#3 We went for a drive to a castle in Julie’s parents convertable (it’s an Opel). She was pretty sure she’d be cold, so she wore here winter jacket. I’m wearing my new North Face jacket that I bought in Nunberg.
#4 A great picture of the Castle in Mespelbrun. You could pretty much take this picture and use it as a postcard. It actually looks exactly like the postcard that I bought.
#5 This is a great shot of Julie’s dad and his tennis partner during a game. I’m pretty happy with my camera…