Our first full day

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I’ve finally got some time to write on my blog now. It’s Thursday night and we just got back from a day in Nunburg. It’s about 1.5 hours away from where we’re staying right now in Pflochsbach. On the way to Nunberg, we stopped at the Puma factory outlet to take a look around. Anthony (in his usual shopping fashion) spent 157 euro’s in about 30 minutes, but he got a nice pair of shoes, jogging pants, sox, t-shirt, and some sweat bands. I found myself buying a nice pair of hiking pants because I managed to convince myself that the one’s I have at home are ripped and don’t count. Their nice pants though. After that we continued on to Nunberg and found a parking garage downtown in a very central place. There are lots of old buildings and churches in Nunberg that we got a chance to take a look at, but most of them are replicas of the originals from before World War II. As much as 90% of Nunberg was destroyed in the war. Oh, I almost forgot….Of course, there are many nice things to see in Nunberg and it would be a good idea to bring a camera to take some pictures….but I, however, did not. Somehow I left the camera on the coffee table back in Pflochsbach. We ended up buying a disposable so we could at least take a few pictures during the day and have to deal with developed pictures instead of digital (a hard thing for me to do). Needless to say, I won’t be going anywhere without my camera and wallet from now on.

For lunch we went to an authentic Bratwurst restaurant to have some Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. It was pretty good….I really enjoyed it. We also had some Weisser beer which is a typical kind of beer to have when eating Bratwurst. Nunberg is known around Bavaria for its Bratwurst.

In the afternoon we went walking around the town to do some sight seeing and some shopping. We first went to a castle that overlooks the city…it was pretty cool and I hope the pictures turn out from our 5 euro camera. Later on when we were back in the town we went shopping in a store that was celebrating 125 years of being open. I found a really great hiking jacket for only 50 euro….in Canada it would have cost about $130! It’s a North Face jacket, very lightweight, and (of course) it’s red….one of my favourite colors to wear.

After that we went to the fair that was in town and Tony went on a few rides. The first ride was a long bench that is lifted in the air and swung forward, backward, and upside down. Just watching Tony, Julie, and Christina (Julie’s friend) on it was making my stomach uneasy. When they got off, they looked pretty white in the face. The second ride Tony went on was one of those freefall rides where they bring you up really high and then let you fall to the ground and stop you before you crash except this one flew you up in the air extremely fast first and then let you freefall. It looked pretty crazy to me!

Then we went to supper at a Greek restaurant. Tony and I both had Calamari, but I couldn’t finish mine….my appetite is not so big right now….it takes a little while to get my stomach over the Jet Lag. Anyways, it was a good meal and we had a good visit with Julie, Julie’s mom Simone, Julie’s boyfriend Michael, Christina, and Christina’s parents.

It was a pretty great day….and I’m really tiered. I’ll save this post and try to get an internet connection in the morning so that I can post it. I hope everyone is doing well. Good luck to Roberta who is flying to Ireland on Saturday.



PS: My plan for skipping Jet Lag worked very well…I was a bit tired in the afternoon but still felt great.