And away we go

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OK, let me catch you up to speed for what’s happened over the last couple days. Yesterday, we went to a mass in Wiesenfelt (Julie’s dad’s hometown) that was at the tennis/beach volleyball tournament. The tournament is called the CAN-Cup and it’s in memory of three young ladies who were from Wiesenfelt who died in a car crash on their way to the disco in Wurzburg. Their names were Christina, Andrea, and Nena (for CAN). Anyways, the mass was pretty interesting…we didn’t really understand anything except that it was a Catholic mass, so when knew when to sit, stand, kneel, shake hands and say the ‘Our Father’. After the mass Julie’s dad Harry was in the final match for tennis along with his partner Yuda. They were playing some a couple of adults that were young enough to be their children. It was a pretty amazing match though…they played very hard and smart, and won the tournament. It was actually pretty exciting to watch. I’ve got a video of the winning shot and crowd cheering that can be found here. After the tennis match, we had a snack in the beer garden (biergarten) and waited for the volleyball finals to start. We watched the finals, but they weren’t as exciting as the tennis match. Then we went back to Lohr for dinner at an Italian restaurant. Tony and I each had some pizza….I opted to get the spiciest pizza they had and it was pretty darn good….and pretty spicy too. Tony went with the tried and true pepperoni pizza and loved every bite. After supper we went back to the CAN-Cup for the evening party and live music. Now, I have to tell you about the most excruciating experience that I’ve had to endure in a while. The bands that were playing were very good…..and I was impressed at how well they were at reproducing English 80s and 90s music….but the one band decided to use their artistic license to change one of the songs to be in a different genre. Now, for me, AC/DC is as Rock as you can get….so when I heard this band playing “You Shook Me All Night Long” like it was a country song, I just about fell off my chair. It was quite possibly the most wrong thing I’ve ever heard…I kept looking up at the stage trying to find the banjo. And then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, they played “Highway to Hell” like a country song as well! Even Julie’s parents and friends were cringing.

Anyways, I writing this on the plane while flying to Prague…it’s a short flight…only 45 minutes. But, we’re about to land, so I better finish up. I’m excited about spending some time in Prague and seeing Maggie again. It should be a great time.