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I recently realized that I need to plan ahead to have fun otherwise I’ll end up being too tired or too busy to do anything. That’s not to say that I don’t do things on the spur of the moment because I do and it always ends up being a good time. But, for the really fun things…the things that you look back at later in life and say….”Man….that was fun! How could I ever forget that?” It’s those things that are awesome because they’ve been planned, organized, thought about, anticipated, and carried out…and there is something that is really fullfilling about it all.

That said, I have been planning some things for this summer and I’m starting to get pretty excited about doing it all. I just hope I can get some friends to tag along. I’ve tried to plan things for the weekend or evenings so that I don’t have to miss work and so that everyone else has a greater chance of being able to make it.

So here it is….Adventure Inc.’s schedule of outrageous outings:

Saturday July 22 to Thursday July 27
Road Trip: I’ll be driving to Vancouver to stay with my aunt an uncle for a couple days and pick up a friend from Germany who is coming to Canada for a month to visit with everyone who went to Germany for World Youth Day in 2005. On Monday afternoon (July 24th) I’ll be driving to Osoyoos to stay there for the night. Osoyoos is where BC is harbouring a desert (in case nobody knew). The 25th in the afternoon I will be driving up to Invermere/Radium Hot Springs to enjoy the springs and stay at Gord Bennett’s house. The 26th in the morning I will be driving to Jasper to check out the Columbia Icefields and take a ride in the Gondola to take a look at Jasper from 7472 feet (2277 meters). It’s pretty sweet. Finally, on the 27th we will make our way home to PG stopping along the way at Mt Robson for a little while, Rearguard Falls, and several other relaxing places….we’ve got the whole day to drive 3.5 hours…so if it’s a nice day, we’ll take our time.

Saturday July 29th
Falls Tour: A tour of northern BC to view some amazing waterfalls. Bijoux falls lives up to it’s french name and Kinuso falls is one of BC’s best kept secrets falling to the earth from a greater height than Niagra falls. Click here to see a little advertisement I’ve made up.

Saturday August 5th
Barkerville: Back to the old days at Barkerville. I’ve been to Barkerville 23 times in my lifetime with last year being the only year I couldn’t go. It’s aways tons of fun and it’s somewhat comforting to be in a place where computers and technology are no where to be found.

There are several other things that I’d like to do in August, but I don’t have any dates for them. Rock Climbing at Giscome, Paintballing, going to Bear Lake, Wildlife viewing near West lake, going to the Observatory, and some visits to Camp Morice to take pictures.

OK, so does that sound like an interesting summer?

In other news, it’s my brother Shaino’s birthday today and we’re having a big barbeque at my house tonight. The nice weather, the beer, and the family should make this an enjoyable evening.