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OK fine. I’ll actually post something that you can read as oppose to cheaping out and just posting some pictures.

So to start, my cousin Sarah just got married on Saturday and what a beautiful Saturday it was. The weather was amazing, the pictures were spectacular, and the reception was a riot. My whole family had a really good time. I was actually surprised at how much I was dancing…i’m not usually the one to be dancing the night away, but Saturday….I kinda was. Man my family knows how to have a good time…we were laughing and dancing and carrying on for the whole night. Anyways, it was a great weekend and it was good to see all the rest of my family that doesn’t live in Prince George.

The more I think about, the more it doesn’t seem right. Of course, I’m talking about being a highschool teacher. I was subbing the other day (as I wrote in my blog) and it was not too bad, but in the afternoon I found myself thinking “this isn’t really that fun…and it doesn’t really feel like it’s on my heart to be a highschool teacher.” I’ve been working at listening to my heart instead of my head because I tend to over-think things and rationalize too much. It’s not that I’m a procrastinator, it’s that I’m sometimes indecisive because I want to think about things too much when I should really just listen to my heart and jump with both feet. Anybody know what I mean? If you’ve ever been at a meeting with me you’d probably notice that I don’t usually say much when people are debating things because I’m thinking and processing things….then when the people are pretty much done debating things they realize that I haven’t said anything and then look at me and say, “Well Andrew, what do you think?” By that time, I’ve usually processed the situation from so many angles. So, I say my piece and everyone says “Hmm…yeah…I hadn’t thought of it that way.” In some ways it’s good, but in others it’s bad because I didn’t take part in any of the conversation leading up to that point.

I’m currently working on redoing my resume. I have a lead with a video editing and production place, and I’d like to get them my resume and see if they’re interested. I was thinking of making a DVD of some of the video projects that I’ve done so they could take a look at what I can do. I was also thinking of making a video showing who I am….kind of a video of my life and accomplishments….I think it would be lots of fun to make even though it might come across as a bit egotistical. Speaking of ego’s…I just talked to Peter the other day…it was great to talk to him. He seems to be having an amazing time in Ontario at Camp Brebeuf. He was telling me that he just took a course about high ropes so that he could run the ropes course at camp. Apparently, the whole course is 60 feet in the air and you are hooked in to a support wire so that you don’t fall to the ground. It sounds like it would be crazy fun…tire swings, tight ropes, monkey bars, rope bridges, and platforms to jump to all 60 feet in the air! Sounds like it would be pretty scary, but a whole lot of fun. Quite the challenge I’m sure. Anyways, I shouldn’t say that Pete has a big ego….he used to in highschool….but he’s much more humble now….right Pete?

Back to the resume thing. I’m actually very excited about this opportunity. I think it would be amazing to be able to do video editing and production as a job. A couple things that you might like to know:
1. I would be working for The Miracle Channel, so all my collegues would be Christian which would be really cool! I think it would be an amazing environement to work in.
2. The Miracle Channel’s production studio’s are located in Lethbridge Alberta

And finally, my tentative schedule for heading to Europe at the end of the summer:

August 25th – Leave from Prince George and stop at Williams Lake to do some rock climbing
August 26th – Continue on to Squamish to do some more climbing
August 27th – Not sure what I’m doing yet, but it will be fun
August 28th – Drive to Vancouver to stay with my aunt and uncle and leave my car at their house.
August 29th – Fly to Frankfurt Germany with Anthony to visit with friends from last summer
September 4th – Fly to Czech Republic to see Magdelena (Czech exchange student in Anthony’s class)
September 7th – Fly to Dublin with Anthony to meet up with Jenn, Roberta, and Brian
September 19th – Fly from Edinburgh to Rome with Anthony for a family reunion. Mom and dad, cousins, aunts, and uncles will be meeting us there on the same day.
September 29th – Leave from Rome to fly back to Vancouver (arrive Sept 30th)
Oct 2nd – Drive home from Vancouver (If I feel like it….maybe I’ll just do something else…I won’t have a job to go back to….at least I don’t have one secured right now)

So, that’s what I’ve been meaning to type for a while….any questions?