Shooting 50mm

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When I go to a party, I often like to bring my camera and bring only one lens: my 50mm f1.8 prime lens.

I use that lens for two reasons:

  1. When I have a fixed lens at 50mm I am forced to find interesting angles and I am forced to move to get the kind of shot that I might want. The picture ends up being either pretty good or really bad; there’s rarely a so-so picture.
  2. It’s often pretty dark at a party, so having a lens that can bring in as much of the ambient light as possible is best. The f1.8 is great for that; it allows me to take great pictures without the need of a flash going off…and when you are trying to take pictures of people when they are acting natural, it’s important that they don’t know you’re taking pictures. Most people are camera shy.

A few weeks ago there was a bit of a reunion of sorts at the Daigles house. Danny, one of my old high school religion teachers, was in town and wanted to get everyone together. Danny is actually the reason I decided to get my Bachelor of Education; he inspired me by his way of teaching and passion for youth and their development. He inspired a lot of people, actually….and he still does while teaching at St. Andrew’s High in Victoria BC.

Here are some shots I took at that party. They really capture some moments and give you an idea about what the party was like.