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Just an observation, but it seems that everyone has migrated to facebook to keep people updated on what they are doing. Probably because it’s easy to write a couple one-liners on there and get the point across. Most people just aren’t into writing a huge post anymore….I’m one of them. It just seems like I’m too busy, but then again I’ve spent countless hours on facebook looking at pictures and other peoples profiles….I could have spent that time writing some amazingly long blog posts and still had some extra time on my hands. But that’s ok. I am not ashamed to admit that facebook is addictive and that I check it at least as often as I check my email. It’s actually an impressive site. The way they’ve set things up…it’s very smooth and easy to use. You can click around from profile to profile in a matter of seconds checking what people have done and who they’ve talked to. It’s revolutionary how it connects people. People that you almost totally forgot about all of a sudden add you as a friend and POW, the memories come back. Very impressive. The whole ‘events’ thing is pretty amazing too. Type up what you want (where, when, how, why…), click a bunch of check boxes for who you want to come….hit send and BIFF, everyone knows about it. Another thing….it sure helps me remember names of people….here I am browsing through a friends photo album that they’ve tagged, and I see all these people in the pictures…I recognize a bunch of them but forget their name…..but since the photo’s are tagged, I can see their name. And the next time I see them working in Starbucks, I can say “Hey Iliana! How are you? I haven’t seen you since highschool!” And just like that, that person feels appreciated…and important….and good. All because I remembered her name. And I remembered her name because of facebook. Amazing.

But ya, I just checked all the blogs on my link bar and only one had updated (Tyler), so I thought I’d have to comment. As another comment, Tyler didn’t even really update his site, it was his friend Simon who posted on Tyler‘s site for him.

Anyways, back to work I guess. Enough procrastinating.


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