A quick update

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So, Jane sent me a text message the other day complaining about the lack of updates on my blog. So here I am….writing a little something to update anyone who still comes here. I suspect that Jane might be the only regular and the odd person might show up on my site when they have absolutely nothing to do. I really surprised myself today while trying to get to my blog….I actually forgot the web address of my blog for a moment…it took me about 30 seconds to remember how to get to it. During that 30 seconds I even considered going to Jane’s website because I know she has a link to my site. But after a few more seconds I managed to remember.

So an update is in order I guess:

  1. I’m still teaching right now (3 classes a day…Computers 9, 11, and Math 9).
  2. I have no life because of all the prep and marking that I’m doing for the classes (it’s very sad…..).
  3. On weekends I sleep in on Saturday, and then try and forget about everything I need to get ready for Monday. Sunday, I get up early and work on things before church, then come home and work on things until supper. Then (most Sunday evenings) I stay home again and try and prepare things for Tuesday.
  4. I’ll be starting to “Phase Out” next week and I’ll be officially done my teaching practicum on April 21st.
  5. As soon as I’m done my practicum I’ll be setting up all my flights to Europe in September. Right now I’m still waiting for my travel agent to get back to me on the main flights. September will be quite the month for me and Anthony….Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, and Italy. It will be tons of fun!

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. I could go on for about 10 pages about how much I have to do and how disorganized my life is….but I don’t think very many people want to read about that.

That’s the best I can do for now…..Adios,