Coffee and A day at the beach

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When I woke up this morning I was excited to see that the kitchen was stocked with a French press, and Bev had brought some Starbucks coffee grounds. I made my self a strong coffee, went up to the terrace, and relaxed in the morning sun while reading “Wild at Heart”. After breakfast we decided that a day at the beach would be a good choice. I thought it was a great idea and a good opportunity to go swimming in the Mediterranian again. So we left for a beach that is located between San Pedro and Malaga called Las Chapas (a lady at the tourist booth recommended it to us). It was quite the drive to get there…Ronda is high in the mountains and the road to the beach is a 50km long winedy road. Its a good thing that I volunteered to be the navigator because if I was sitting in the back seat I would have gotten sick for sure. Anyways, we found the beach no problem (of course…I am the navigator), and set up to go swimming. The beach was pretty nice and the water was really warm…but still refreshing. After a few minutes swimming we broke out the frisby and started tossing it around. Diving after a frisby when you can land in water is pretty fun. Later I layed down and finished reading my book and then fell asleep for about 30 minutes or so (yes…I know you are a bit jealous). Bob wasn’t feeling quite so good, so we packed up around 5pm and headed back to Ronda (it takes about 1.5 hours to get back up that terribly winedy road).When we got back we each had a quick shower and Bob had a short nap. Then we went out for diner. I decided to have tripe and chickpeas for the first course and fries and beef in sauce for the second course. The tripe was actually really good…I put some Tabasco in it to kick it up a knotch. Aunty Marie still makes the best tripe in the world though. Now, I have to tell you about my desert. It was quite a surprise to me when I actually got it. I looked on the menu and read through the list of deserts. They had the Spanish name on one side and then the English translation on the other. I looked at one of the Spanish deserts and the translation was banana. I thought to myself, “Look at all these other deserts…they all cost the same as this one…it must be more than just a banana…the translation must be a bit off or something…I think I’ll try this one.” Well I was wrong! The waiter brought me out a banana on a plate with a fork and knife. The banana was still in its skin! They didn’t even try to make it look a bit better than just a banana. You would think that they’d at least peel it and cut it up for you…but they didn’t. I just got a banana and a whole lot of laughs.After diner we watched another episode of Lost, and then I stayed up late writting the post about the World Youth Day and our marathon of travelling. It was a good day and I got a good tan.