Weekend Goals

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I have decided that I will try and take photos or shoot video every weekend for posting on this blog. During the week it seems as though I have moments of inspiration where I come up with a cool idea, but then each day is so busy that I never get a chance to implement it. So, I’ll be writing those ideas down and adding them to my todo list for weekends.

For this post, I decided to upload a video clip of something I was working on a while ago. I got the idea from a time lapse video that became popular around the Vancouver Olympics. The idea of time lapse photography to make a video has intrigued me since I first saw the Planet Earth series and the time lapse video that they do there.

Here is the video:

For this video, I had the camera tethered to my laptop and aimed at the crane. I set each shot to be taken every 5 seconds and let it go for 30 minutes. When it was done, I imported all the frames into Sony Vegas and set their length to be only 1 frame. So, when played back at 30 fps, it speeds up the video to show 30 minutes of real life time in about 13 seconds. Also, since each image is 15 megapixels (on my Rebel T1i), I can zoom in on the photo quite a bit without loosing quality and pan out to a wider view.

I’d love to take some time to make more of these videos.