The next leg in the journey

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Well, we’re in Dublin airport waiting for our flight to Edinburgh which should start boarding within the next few minutes. Tony was overweight in his checked luggage by 4 kilo’s and had to give me three of his shoes and put another 2 and a half pairs into his backpack so that he wouldn’t be charged the 8 euro per kilo for having his bag so bleeding heavy. Mine came in at 19.7 kilos…so I’ve got about 300 grams that I can add to my luggage and still be ok .

Ok, I’m writing the rest of this from our bed and breakfast in Edinburgh.

I’ve got a few pictures from Ireland when we went to some old ruins and the Guinness Brewery and then a couple pictures from our trip to the Queen’s Palace and the Edinburgh Castle. One thing that I noticed about things here is that most things cost about the same number as it would in Canada except it’s in pounds instead of dollars….so really, everything costs about twice as much. But, I guess it doesn’t really mater that much…I’m here to have a good time.

We’re heading out in about 20 minutes to head downtown to meet up with my friend Claire who lives here in Edinburgh and is a nurse. I haven’t really seen her since highschool, so it will be great to chat with her and catch up on old times.

Anyways, the four of us bought a pass yesterday that lets us into the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh Castle, and the Royal Yacht. It also came with a 2 day bus pass to ride the tour busses at any time during the day…we’re allowed to get on and off wherever there is a normal bus stop. It cost 34 pounds, but we already made up for the cost yesterday from the Palace, Castle and bus rides, so the visit to the Yacht is pretty much free.

Anyways, we need to go soon, so I better finish up. Hope you enjoy the pictures.