Italy has begun!

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What a great day! I really had a good time and I got to see some amazing sights today. One place that I’d love to come back to is a town called Revello….which is south of Rome after Naples on the way to the Amalfi Coast. Crazy place! It’s pretty much on the side of a mountain about 1200m above sea level but only about 300m away from the sea. The view of the coastline is probably the best I’ve ever seen. The road to get there had a breathtaking view, but it was a tight steep windy road and we were driving it in a tour bus….needless to say I was pretty impressed with the driver. One thing I wish could have happened was that we would have more time to take in the scenery. The tour guide always had another place to go, so we seemed to arrive at something really cool, take a few seconds to look, a few more to take a picture or two, and then we were off to the next place. I guess the guide was getting a bit of pressure from most of the group who wanted time to shop as well as see the sights, so it might have been the reason why he was rushing everyone. Anyways, I would have loved some time to sit and relax and think….and enjoy….and be amazed. It’s the introvert in me who likes to be lost in my thoughts. I hope to find some time in the next few days to just relax and take things in without feeling rushed. I’m sure it will happen.

Anyways, we’re just driving back down that ridiculous hill and I’m getting a bit car sick, so I better stop for now. I’ll take a look and see what I should post for pictures.

I have some pictures…but the computer I’m on is free and does not allow me to attach my jumpdrive, so I’ll have to post the pics later…