Finally…Some Pictures

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Finally…I get to a place where there is an internet connection: the Catania Airport in Sicily. Below I’ve got a bunch of pictures that I wanted to post, but didn’t have an internet connection to do so. Tony and I are just waiting here in the airport to check our bags for our 3:30pm flight to London where we’ll spend the night in an airport hotel and fly to Vancouver at 7:05pm tomorrow. We had a really great time with all of our family on the bus tour…there were 25 of us in all. They are a riot to be with…very spontaneous…very loud…and very enthusiastic. I hope to be able to go visit them some time in all of their respective cities: Sioux Lookout Ontario, Toronto, Winnipeg, Honolulu, LA, and Edmonton.

Anyways, take a look at some of these pictures….I think their pretty cool.