Adventures in Ireland

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The evening we arrived in Dublin we got picked up at the airport by Roberta and Jenn and managed to make it to the pub for a Guinness before last call. We got a chance to catch up on a few things and do some planning for the next few days. We’ll also need to plan what we’ll do in Scotland as soon as Brian gets here tomorrow.

Anyways, today was a super long driving day, but I think it was a productive day none the less. We drove from the east coast to the west coast to try and catch a ferry to Aran Island, but it took longer than we thought to get to the ferries so we missed the ferry. But, all was not lost…there was a road nearby that follows the coast line south and brings you to the Cliffs of Moher (see pictures below). These cliffs were amazing! I was really impressed….they’re the kind of cliffs that you would see on a postcard or in a movie like Lord of the Rings. We also got to see a lot of the Irish countryside which is littered with small farms, sheep, cows, and pastures separated by fences made from stones. It was really cool to see.