The hottest day yet

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Without question, today was the hottest day yet for Spain. Today was the day…the day that I would test my resilience…the day that I would finally know if I could go a whole day without sunscreen….(except for on my face…I heard that too much sun on your face makes you look old sooner). After I got up I went up on the terrace to check my email and sweat in the sun a little. I decided to get ready for a relaxing day before I start my long journey home. My flight is to leave Malaga at 9:50pm and arrive at 12:35am in Cologne. Then I wait until 9:35am when my flight leaves for Canada. There isn’t enought time to find a hotel and get a good nights sleep, so I’m just going to stay in the airport. I’ve decided that I’m not going to sleep so that I can start getting my body back into the BC sleep cycle. If I have a snooze on my flight to Canada (at about 10am…which is 1am BC time) then it should start me off on getting used to Pacific time. Then I can stay up for the rest of my flight until I get to Prince George where I can sleep at the normal time (9 or 10pm).
Anyways, in the afternoon I got a chance to go shopping for a bit and look (yet again) for the Spanish patch. I still didn’t find one. At 2:15 we went down to the outdoor pool to go for a swim. Wow was that ever refreshing…they must have had that pool at the perfect temperature for a 34 C day. I dove in head first swam for a bit and then dried off in the sun in about 5 minutes. It was great. After that we went out for supper to a nice little restaurant. There was a meal for two which had a huge selection of things to share. Paella, Chorizo, Blood sussage, stuffed peppers, eggs potatoes and peppers, and a whole bunch of other things that I can’t remember. The bad thing was that Peter is alergic to potatoes and about half of the stuff had potatoes in it…he got stuck eating a bunch of bread. And on top of that, the Paella must have been cooked next to some potatoes because Peter didn’t feel very well after eating it.
After that we jumped in the car and started on the winedy road to Malaga. The road to get there is actually pretty good. The highway has 3 or 4 lanes and the speed limit is 100-120km/hr…the only problem is that there are toll booths every 25km or so; some cost more than others, but I guess it’s the price you pay for being able to get somewhere fast. When we arrived at the airport I quickly found the line where I could check my bags and then said my goodbyes to Pete and Bob. I won’t be seeing Pete until Christmas because he is going to Toronto to do his Masters degree. He decided it would be easier if he went from Spain straight to Toronto and then just had the rest of his stuff shipped on the bus.
My plane to leave Spain was a bit delayed, but it didn’t matter that much to me since I don’t have anywhere to go once I get to Cologne. When we drove into Malaga it was 37’C and when I landed in Cologne it was 10’C. It took me a few seconds to adjust.Now I’m just waiting in the airport…I might make a phone call or two, check my email, post this message, and try to download some of the music from World Youth Day.

God Bless,