My Quest for a patch

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I slept in today (again) and then enjoyed two very strong cups of coffee from my friend the French Press. I think I’m going to start using the cappuccino machine when I get home. These europeans have things figured out. I decided I wanted to go out in the sun for the morning, but I didn’t really feel like just lying there…after all I just woke up, so I decided to mop the terrace. I just about burned the soles of my feet it was so hot. Later that morning Bob and I went for a walk around town to see some of the sights. There are Ronda was an inpenitrable fortrace. It is set on a cliff with two walls around the perimiter of the base of the cliffs. The only way that anyone would have a chance at getting into Ronda would be to attack it with siege weapons and almost completely destroy it. Anyways, the remains of the walls were pretty cool and we got to scope out a public outdoor pool that looked really nice. When we got back to the appartment we told everybody else about it and it was decided that we’d head over there tomorrow.Pete, Bob, and I had lunch and the girls went to Seville for the day. After lunch my quest to find a patch from Spain began. I think I must have gone into every souvenir shop in the area (at least 20 of them) and I didn’t find anything. I even went to the tourist information center and asked if they would know where one would be; they sent me to a store but alas there was none. I even looked up the word for patch so that I could ask in Spanish instead of looking around in each store. No luck. I did manage to find a few other things that will be good, but not the patch that I wanted. In the evening, we had a late supper and then yet another episode of Lost on the TV. A couple of nights ago I figured out how to hook my laptop up to the TV. Normally this would be easy, but since we are in Europe, the video system is slightly different. When I hooked it up at first, we got a good picture but there was no color. Anyways, watching Lost on a nice TV with no commercials is a nice experience. Tonight is my night to sleep on the couch instead of the floor so I’m pretty excited about another good sleep.

The Quest continues….