Wow….it’s been a while

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I just noticed the date of when the last time I posted….wow….quite a long time. I’ve been a bit busy, but I think I’ve also lost the Blog luster. I enjoy writing things and reflecting on what’s going on in my life, but for whatever reason I haven’t found the drive to do it on my blog. Probably a side effect of being on Facebook. But anyways, for anyone who still reads this, here is a bit of an update:

I have been working with some dynamic image gallery technology and decided to make my own dynamic gallery in order to work out the bugs and find a way of making a sell-able image gallery for my website clients. SO, I bought a new web domain and uploaded a dynamic gallery to it:

Pretty cool to have a domain that is your name. Anyone else want one? I can make that happen for you. Anyways, I added the dynamic gallery to my site, a video gallery, a graph of my running times, and a few other things.

Meanwhile, back at the farm Andrew is organizing trips, budgets, and money to go to the Bahamas in November and Australia next July. Lots to organize, expensive trip, and all that needs to be done right now because of contention for flights to get to Australia.

Other News
I’m teaching two courses at UNBC!
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX NOV 21-DEC 6/07 –Want to learn how to make a website?
Macromedia Flash MX APR 3 – 17/08 –Want to learn how to make animations or dynamic websites?

And I’m helping out for a video editing course with Tony Donovan:
Beginners Digital Movie Making Course APR 9 – 23/08

Lots of cool stuff going on. More to come for the Bahamas trip….More to come for the Australia/World Youth Day trip.


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