The Year In Review (part 4)

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Firstly, I’ve got a link to a video slideshow that I made for the Italy portion of my trip to Europe. We met up with a bunch of my family from Canada and the US in Rome and went on a private bus tour from Rome to Sicily. Here is the video.

Next, I guess some people already know, but I’m currently working at Money Concepts in the Penthouse of the Coast Inn of the North. I am working at Money Concepts Part time and I’ve just started a web design company. I’ll keep you posted on the name as soon as I can get it approved and I get my business licence. I just realized the other day that I’ll have to make myself a company webpage if I’m going to be a webdesigner. I guess it will have to be pretty sweet too…if I want people to be impressed.

I guess there was one more significant thing that happened in 2006. My cousin Noella came to Canada for Christmas. Her birthday is December 25th (hense the name ‘Noel’la). She turned 17 this year and until she arrived in Canada, she’d never seen snow before (other than on TV). So being in Prince George was quite the shock to her system. But we still managed to do a bunch of super fun things while she was here. We did as many ‘Canadian’ activities as we had time to do: outdoor skating, snowshoeing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snomobiling, and snowball fights. It was tons of fun.

I didn’t get to take too many pictures or video, but I’m planning on putting it together for short slideshow. The challenge now is to find a great song.

Anyways, I’ve decided conclude this year in review marathon with some things that I’ve learned over the past year. They’re simple sentences that have a lot of meaning:

  • Live simply so that others may simply live.
  • Work to live, don’t live to work.
  • God is God with or witout me, but who am I without God?

So that brings you up to the end of 2006.