The Year In Review (part 2)

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Later in June I got a phone call from a man who wanted to meet with me…his 22 year old daughter had somehow heard about me and he wanted to interview me to see if her and I were a good match (!). She heard that I didn’t want to play the dating game, that I was single, and that I could cook. I guess that was enough to get her intrigued. I didn’t really have anything to loose, so I agreed to meet with her dad so he could see what I was like. I kind of took it as a chance to interview him about his daughter as well. After a couple meetings with her dad, he decided that her and I should meet because he felt we were compatible with eachother (!). So we went on a few walks and talked about many things. The cool but weird part was that we were talking about really deep and meaningful things (not things like “how was your day?” “what did you do?” “did you hear about this movie?”….). The conversations were pretty deep but we still joked a bit and talked about funny things. So, all the while, I’m thinking…we make a pretty good match. But that wasn’t what God had planned for her and I. A few weeks later she got accepted to a university in Australia and would be leaving mid-August. She felt that God wasn’t really giving her a green light to start a relationship with me, so we agreed to remain friends and try to keep in touch. But it was quite the experience. I actually gave a talk at teen camp about this little episode.

The next big event that conspired in the life of Andrew was Camp Morice Teen Camp 2006. This camp was a memorable one for two different reasons. 1. each camp seems to get better each year and this camp was no exception…it was by far the best I’ve been to. 2. I had to start looking at the week through the eyes of a director because next year I’ll be directing the camp (along with some other amazing individuals). The teen camp pictures can be found here. It was really a fun week, but was a bit weird without Peter there…he’s been out at camp every year that I have except last summer.

At the end of July, my friend Julia from Germany came to visit. In August of 2005 we were billited in her hometown in Pflochsbach and she kept in touch with some of us through email and MSN. The plan was that she would come to Canada first and then when she flew home Anthony and I would fly back with her to Germany and begin our month long European trip. And so it was. She came to Prince George for a few weeks and then went to Kitimat for a week and then travelled with Anthony and I to Vancouver to catch a plane to Europe. During Julia’s stay, she travelled over 5800km on the road, met more than 70 new people, and saw 14 cities, 2 bears, 2 grey whales, and 2 killer whales.

So then comes the trip to Europe. Here is the short form: Prince George–>Vancouver–>Victoria–>Vancouver–>Frankfurt Germany–>Praque Czech Republic–>Brno Czech Republic–>Dublin Ireland–>Naas Ireland–>Edinburgh Scotland–>Rome Italy travelling south to Sicily–>London England–>Vancouver–>Prince George. It was an amazing trip. We were so blessed to be able to go. The crazyest part of the whole trip was the accomodations and food while we were on our 10 day family reunion bus tour through Italy. We were in 5 star hotels most of the time, and the evening meals were absolutely rediculous. I gained 9 pounds in 10 days…just to give you and idea of what the food was like (keep in mind I can’t gain weight to save my life). I made a short video slideshow of the first part of the trip and I’ll post a link to it in my next post….

(to be continued….)