The Last Week

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I finished teaching my grade 9 math class on Thursday of last week, and my supervising teacher is taking over on Monday of this week. I’m pretty sure that those kids will be in for a bit of a shock. I’m pretty laid back in class and I let a lot of things slide that, in my opinion, don’t really matter. Some students listen to music while their working on math and I just let it go because it stops them from talking to others and keeps them concentrated on their work. I’m not sure if my supervising teacher will be letting anything like that happen. She came in on Thursday while I was talking to a student who didn’t do any work all class…since she’s taking over this week, she decided to make him come in at lunch on Monday to make up the time he wasted. Ya, she hasn’t even taught them yet and she’s already got one in detention. Don’t get me wrong, I was going to give him a detention as well, but their going to be in for a shock I think.

This week I’ll be teaching my grade 9 computer class and grade 11 computer class. Both classes are making web sites as their final project for the web development unit. As you can imagine, the grade 11 web sites will be far more advanced than the grade 9’s. It’s going to take me a long time to mark all the sites though. But, I’m looking forward to being done. My last day of teaching will be Friday of this week and then I observe a few days the week after that. The end is very much in sight. It wouldn’t have been such a long stretch if I was actually getting paid for the obscene amounts of work that I’ve been doing, but I don’t get paid. And now that my bank account is down to only $90….I’m feeling the need to find a real job where I get paid and can go home from work and not have extra things to do (marking, lesson prep, assignments to create, quizzes, tests, tutorials, homework, worksheets…).

But, I’m excited about making a video for the DYC this year, and I’ve been working on a few other projects as well that are fulfilling. I’m not going to say anything about the other projects until I’ve done some more progress on them…they’re a surprise. But ya, I’m not even done being busy from this teaching practicum and I’ve already started to fill my life with other things that need to get done. I guess I’ll never really learn….

I don’t know….maybe I just like being busy.

Anyways, I’m off to bed.

Adios for now,