I’ve got a spare few seconds

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Well, actually…I’ve had some free time lately, but I’ve opted to spend it doing something else other than being in front of the comptuer. I’ve been working all of last week preparing for teaching this coming week at Kelly Road SS in PG.

Here’s what I’m teaching:

  • Information and Communication Technology 9
  • Information and Communication Technology 11
  • Core Math 9

I start teaching this week and I finish on April 28th. It’s my final practicum. After this I’ll be a teacher. Well, actually, I have to wait for the BC College of Teachers and BC Teachers Federation to certify me….but that is just paperwork. I get a normal high school spring break March 11th to March 26th which is going to be great. The youth group is going to Smithers on the 10th and I get to drive the bus….it’s gonna be a riot.

Lets see, anything else special? Ummm…..not really. Well actually, Tyler and I are almost done making a video slideshow for the houseboat trip that we did last summer to Shuswap Lake. We took about 4500 pictures during the week, so there were a lot of things to go through. But, I’m excited to see the final product. Speaking of videos….one of the other student teachers and I are going to start a film club at Kelly Road….we’re thinking of getting them to do some kind of short video and then we’ll work with them to edit and produce it. It should be fun.

Well that’s about it for now. I might actually update this a little more often (at least once a week I think)….it’s nice to reflect on what is going on in my life and where I’m headed.