It’s on the way!

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My new Dell Inspiron 6000 is on the way! I have to put myself into debt to get it, but it’s done now so who cares. I didn’t want to get a $700 laptop that I’d be dissapointed with, so I went a little further and got something that is equivalent to my old laptop….but a few upgrades (mostly just the ram and the hard drive). The estimated arrival date (on my doorstep) is Dec 20th…so I’ll have a new laptop for Christmas! And….at least I can have the satisfaction of getting Airmiles for the purchase that I made. Maybe I can use the points to get some gift certificates for Coast Mountain or something.

I’m excited about making a video of my Shuswap houseboating adventures in the summer. I’ve been working on it a bit and it’s turning out pretty good. I’ve been making the video in high definition widescreen…so it should look pretty amazing on my projector! I picked a Fatboy Slim song to go in the background…and it is turning out nicely.

Anyways, that’s just a quick update. I’m not in the mood for typing a whole lot…this keyboard sucks and the spacebar doesn’t work very well. When I’m typing it sounds like I’m using an old typewritter….everyone in the house can hear me!