I Have Returned

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I know…I’m a loser. It’s taken me forever to actually update my blog. I figured that today was the 8th, so I should probably update my blog before the 11th because if I didn’t, it would mean that I hadn’t updated it for an entire month. Anyways, I’m back from my short 8 day practicum at PGSS and it was a riot! I had a really good time teaching and my sponsor teacher was great. I still don’t know how I did (marks wise) on the practicum, but I’m pretty sure I did well. I should find out this Thursday. I was lucky enough to get to teach combinatorics which is one of my favourite subjects in math, so I had a fun time. This week, I’m back to UNBC classes and my teachers are making us feel the pain by loading on a hundred assignments for us to do before the end of the semester. Speaking of that, it was pointed out that I’ve only got 7 weeks of university classes left and 10 weeks of practicum. How sweet is that? Another Bachelor degree!

Tomorrow is going to be a good time. I don’t have any classes, so I’m off to Camp Morice with Jane, Andy, and Berta for most of the day. I hope it’s nice weather. It will be good to be out there and to bring Jackie some calendars. That’s right! The Camp Morice calendars are done! If you want one send me an email or go to the website and order one. We’ll even ship it to you if you’re too lazy.

Anyways, that’s enough for now (start slow and taper off…and all that stuff).