I’m a Professional

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Well, I have been avoiding the question and giving vague answers all week…the question was “when is your drivers test for your bus license?”

I didn’t say because I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass and I didn’t want a bunch of people calling me asking how I did and then I would have to tell them that I failed. After all, I did only take 4 hours worth of lessons when the driving school thought I should take 11. But, who cares now!

That’s right…if you haven’t already guessed…I got my license! That’s right…my class 2…umhuh! I’m so happy to have it over with. It was a big stress for me and I’m so happy that I passed. I feel like patting myself on the back and saying “Andrew, you have what it takes!…Well done!” It’s a great feeling to be able to follow through on something when you decide that it’s important.

Anyways, that is my big triumph for today. I’m excited about the new Lost episode which is playing on TV as we speak (or as I type), but I’m not watching it because I am at work right now. I’ll have to watch it later in the week.

Au revoir,