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We just found out that Pete’s bag has been found and will arrive in Lohr tomorrow (Thursday). This is great new for Pete who has been wearing the same clothes for 3 days now. We had a funny feeling when we left his bag with the guy at the oversize luggage department…Bastardo…Stupido…Buono deniente.
Today was a really fun day…we got up really early thought (5am). I actually contemplated calling since it would only be 8pm in BC, but we were in a hurry to meet with the World Youth Day group who was arriving at 6am. We jumped on the shuttle bus and headed to the airport and waited for everyone to arrive. As usual, Peter and I had our camera’s out and were snapping pictures the moment they came through those sliding doors…I fact, Morgan’s first words were “Ahhh” while trying to hide behind her baggage trolly. Everyone was happy and surprised to see us. From there, we went to the regional train station (attached to the airport) and borded a train to travel to Lohr. While waiting for the train I looked around at everyone who had just made the 12 hour flight and found a lot of white and green faces. Everyone was pretty tired and hungry.
The first part of the train ride was a bit of an experience…we were 20 people and there were only sparce one person seats in each car. Some of the others mistakenly walked into the 1st class car and ended up getting yelled at by on of the train employees…once he found out they didn’t speak Germany he politely asked them to move to the next car. Lucky for us, the train stopped at the end of the line after 15 minutes where we had to change trains for the last 1.5 hours of the ride. It was lucky because we changed trains and had time to get organized and get a good position (on the platform…it was 9 by the way…not 9 and 3/4 Jane). So when our train arrived, we all jumped on and got a good spot. Almost everyone dosed off for a bit during the ride except for Pete and I. Later on when talking to Pete, we decided to pretend that we were just as tired as everyone else so that we could have a nap in the afternoon and relax when we got to our billets house.
When we arrived in Lohr our billets took us to their house to drop off our bags, and then took us to the church nearby where everyone was meeting for a free lunch. We had chili and I made sure I had just as much as Peter just to make sure that he wouldn’t be farting more than me. Speaking of farting, the German word for exit is “Ausfart” which literally means to let out…so you can see where we might have got the word fart from.
After lunch we returned to our billets house, had a nap, and had coffee and snacks at around 4pm. While eating, Christoph was telling us a bit about what he does and happened to mention that he had a small sailboat. When we told him that we were interested in it and had never been sailing he suggested that we go sailing on the Main for a while…hense the last post with the picture. It was lots of fund and I got a few video clips that I’ll hopefully be able to post later.
Later that night they took us on a walk through the town and to a restaurant for a drink and to visit with some of our hosts. The young adults surprisingly speak very good English. They learn it in school just like we learn French in Canada, only they are much more interested in learning it and seem to be excited to be able to practice speaking it.
Finally, after all that, we came back to our billets house and had a martini before bed. I decided to type this post up before I went to bed since I had a 2 hour nap this afternoon.
I’m going to head off to bed now. I will hopefully be able to post this in the morning…I detected a wireless signal in the area, but can’t connect to it from the room we are staying in. Hopefully I can get a better signal outside.
I have some pictures of Italy that I still want to post and I will hopefully get around to posting some video clips.