The Rock of Gerbraltar

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We slept in a bit today, but again I was up making myself a couple strong cups of coffee. I love those French press things…they are awesome. We relaxed for the morning and talked about what we would do today. After a little while it was decided that we’d go to the Rock of Gerbraltar and then to the beach. The Rock of Gerbraltar is an island very close to Spain. The island is owned by the British, so you can’t go to it unless you pass through border control and show your passport. Most of us forgot ours, so we ended up lookin at the Rock of Gerbraltar and then going to a beach a few hundred meters away to swim. The water was much cooler, but still very refreshing in the heat. I had a short nap and then went for a swim with Rachael out to the boyes and back. Later, Peter, Elizabeth, and I went for a walk and stopped by McD’s for a quick burger because we were so hungary and there were only restaurants nearby (yes I know….you can all say it together now….”Shamo…Shamo…Shamo”). I’ve been eating plenty of Spanish food, so I had no problem having a burger for a snack. It took us 2 hours to get there and a little more to get back (you don’t go as fast when driving up hill). When we got back we had something to eat and then watched another episode of Lost. And now I am caught up. I have finished writing this post and there are no more to write until another day passes. I really enjoy writting these posts, but today I am a bit tired, so this post isn’t very long. But oh well…I’m on vacation right?