Our first day in Ronda

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When we arrived in Ronda at about 7:45am we were pretty tired and a little grumpy. The sleep on the train was pretty squished, and the room was scorching hot. I was under the impression that Ronda was a pretty small town, but in reality it is pretty big. At least as big as Quesnel anyways. When we arrived at the train station, all we had was an address of the place where we were staying. Peter’s parents hadn’t arrived yet since they had to drive from Barcelona. So we were on our own trying to find the appartment we were staying in. As we walked out of the train station there was a taxi nearby, and I imediately waved him down, showed him the address, and asked how much. At this point I was willing to pay almost anything if I didn’t have to carry my heavy pack any further, but in the end it was only going to cost us 4.50 euro to get to the appartment. I was so happy that we made it there so quickly that I gave him 6 euro. The doors have push button locks, so we used the code to open them and we were in. The appartment is really nice; a guy from Wales owns it, I think, and comes here for a vacation. Since Peter’s parents weren’t here, we all had a bed to sleep in, and we dropped our packs and fell asleep right away.We had an extra couple hours sleep and woke up at 11am. There is a small store right across the street, so we ran over there and bought a bunch of things to eat and drink, and then returned to the appartment to eat and relax. After we had a bite to eat we decided to go out and walk around the town. The area is actually quite breathtaking. The city is on the side of a steep hill and there are a lot of old bridges and walkways that must be really old, but still in use. I have a few pictures for later. After we had finished exploring for the day, we returned to the appartment just in time for Peter’s parents (Bob and Bev) to arrive. They were excited to see us. Bob was especially happy to see Rachael because he had not seen her since she left Canada last August for a university exchange in Germany. We unpacked our stuff had something to eat and relaxed in the sun for the rest of the afternoon and night. When the sun went down we watched an episode of Lost before going to bed.