I’m Back…and Haven’t Vanished…

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OK, so a ways down is a post that I wrote yesterday, but didn’t have internet to actually post it.

Anyways, today we left the Cinque Terre and headed to Pisa to see the tower. I’m surprised…many people have told me that there isn’t much of anything to see other than the tower, but I found the city really nice. I really enjoyed it. Maybe it’s because it was smoking hot and I could drink beer in public…I don’t know. We actually met up with an Australian who was doing the same as us and asked if he could tag along. He was a pretty cool guy…and it wasn’t till after we said goodby to him that we realized that we didn’t know his name. So after that we hoped on the train and went to Florence (aren’t you jealous Flo..?). The ride was only about an hour and 20 minutes which was great for me to rest and see the country side. Florence is a great town…there are a lot of tourists here and a lot of stores and restaurante’s. We’re planning on touring around Florence for the day tomorrow and then heading back to Milan for a couple days before we go back to Germany (see our schedule below). Since we’ll be in Milan, I should have a wireless connection to post more pictures and check my email.

Anyways, here is the post I wrote yesterday:

What an amazing place. The Cinque Terre are very beautiful villages. Monterrosso is the biggest, next is Vernaza which is very beautiful, after that Corniglia where we rented a villa, then Manarola which had good swimming and cheap places to eat good food, and finally there is Riomaggiore where I didn’t spend much time but really enjoyed the hike from there to Manarola. There are foot trails between each village, but trains also go through to each one. We bought a pass for the trains, buses, and hiking trails for 20eu and it was totally worth it. It lasts for 7 days and I’ve already gotten more than twice what it’s worth out of it.

http://www.corniglia.com the city we stayed in.

Here is my new cell number +39 3463 1871 96

39 is the country code (for Italy)…so I would imagine you can call me using that number while I’m in Italy, but when I’m in germany I think you’ll have to use 49. I’m not quite sure abou the dialing though…you might have to dial 1 039 3463 1871 96 when dialing from Canada, but who knows. Here, if I want to make a call to Germany from my cell I have to dial 00 49 ….(the number). I’m pretty sure that 0 is the international call prefix just like 1 is for North America, which is why I think you will have to dial 1 before the 039. If you have a cell phone, try and send me a text message and if I reply then you’ll know that you got the number correct and can then make a regular call. Keep in mind that I am 9 hours ahead, so If it’s after 1:30pm in BC, I might be asleep here.

I just called mom and had to call her by dialing 00 1 250 …

Pete had something to say about grapes… click below http://web.unbc.ca/~johnsona/grapes.wmv

I have a bunch of pictures that I’ll be posting right after this message.

Ciao ma familia e amici!