Early in the morning…

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Last night we got close to a wireless internet connection, but my laptop didn’t have a good enough antena and we were sitting out in the street, so we didn’t want to spend very much time checking our email ($3000 laptops in hand). Anyways, I just thought i’d update that i’m in Cologne and going to Frankfurt tomorrow to meet up with Ben Daigle and then meet up with the PG crew when they arrive the next day. I have a few pictures that I’ll try and post soon, but right now I’m using Pete’s computer and It’s 3:30 in the morning…so it will have to wait until later.

We had a good time tonight chatting with a couple guys at the youth hostel bar…one guy from Holland and one from Austria. The both spoke very good english.

Pete’s bag got lost during transit from Milan, so we’re working on getting it back before we leave for Frankfurt…but we’re not sure how easy it will be. A real pain in the A** thought.

Anyways, I should sleep. Not too many hours left before I have to wake up.

God Bless,