A wet day….

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The next morning we went to Catachesis and then headed to Bonn…the only city in the area where we hadn’t been yet. Bonn is the old capital of Germany and is actually pretty small in comparison to other cities. The university is one of the main attractions; it classes are held in very old and beautiful buildings, and the campus and housing is spread out over the city. I really liked it there even though we got rained on and got very wet. I brought my laptop with me to Bonn in hopes of finding a wireless connection to connect to, but I had no luck. I think the antenna on my wireless card is not very good. If I were to do it again (or should I say when I do it again) I will buy a wireless card for my laptop that has an external antenna, that way I can hook up a high quality one and be able to connect over a greater distance.

We did, however, get to meet our friends from Lohr at the hofgarten in Bonn. They were all very excited to see us, and we were excited to see them. It’s too bad we didn’t have more time to visit with them that day.

By the end of the day we were thinking of staying for the stations of the cross which were to start at 7:30, but once we got there they told us that it would last about 2 hours and we’d have to walk 5km for the whole procession. If we stayed in Bonn until 9:30 and then tried to go back to Wuppetal, we’d have to go through Koln and it would probably take quite a few hours to actually get to bed, so we decided to leave right away. Its a good thing we did because the next day would prove to be very long and the extra rest was great.
That’s all that I can remember about that day…sorry it’s not quite so descriptive.