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OK, this will be a bit short because I’ve been up for 18 hours and have been walking all day.
Today was a huge day. A lot went on. We had to be at the train station at 7:30am to catch a train to Wertzburg (not spelled correctly) where there was a huge day planned for all those who are going to World Youth Day next week. People from all over the world were billeted in the Wertzburg diocese, so there was a ton of people there. I’ve got some pictures and an few video clips as well. Hopefully I will have time later. Anyways, there was worship in the morning followed by a full Catholic mass with a giant band. It was a pretty good time. After the mass we got a free lunch and had time to do stuff at the park (where the mass was) or head into town to see some of the churches, castles, or royalty mansions. We went into town and visited a very large cathedral with the biggest pipe organ I’ve ever seen. Then we stopped at the Residenz which is a huge mansion where royalty would entertain guests. I have some pictures of the outside, but there were no pictures allowed inside. Later, after eating supper we walked to a castle on top of a hill which had a view of the whole city. That evening, there was a concert by a band called “Wykiki Beach Bombers”. They were pretty good, but half of their songs were in German, so I don’t really know what the words were. We had to take the train back the same night (tonight…about a half hour before writing this).
Anyways, I have some good pictures and a few good video clips that I might be able to post tomorrow.
God Bless,Andrew